Case Study

Staying ahead of Teams PowerShell changes

Keeping up to date with changes in the Microsoft realm can be a headache. But Call2Teams partners do not need to worry. The experts at Call2Teams are on hand to stay ahead of Microsoft and Teams PowerShell changes. Changes to phone number assignment using Teams PowerShell Module cmdlets The PowerShell changes taking place from early … Continue

Getting more 9’s from Microsoft’s Calling SLA

The global switching capability of the Call2Teams network comes to the rescue during Microsoft’s recent major outage. Microsoft’s calling and conferencing services are backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA by Microsoft. Such an SLA reflects the approach taken to service delivery and architectural decisions of the underlying platform. The Call2Teams platform is built to deliver … Continue

Delivering Microsoft Teams voice integration for legal firms across North America

Corvum appointed to distribute Call2Teams— the world’s easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams Corvum is the only VoIP phone service provider in North America dedicated to the legal sector. Their client-centric approach offers an intuitive communication solution to meet legal professionals’ needs — replacing manual tasks with smart automation and ensuring billable calls and text communications are … Continue