Getting more 9’s from Microsoft’s Calling SLA

The global switching capability of the Call2Teams network comes to the rescue during Microsoft’s recent major outage.

Microsoft’s calling and conferencing services are backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA by Microsoft. Such an SLA reflects the approach taken to service delivery and architectural decisions of the underlying platform.

The Call2Teams platform is built to deliver a 99.99% SLA. This is the normal level required for a critical line-of business application.

During Microsoft’ recent several-hour outage of their phone platform across Europe and North America, our Call2Teams customers had a far smoother experience.


Overlaying a resilient platform brings benefits for Microsoft Teams customers

Call2Teams operates a global fabric of call-management and Direct Routing SBCs deployed across 4 continents and 12 Azure regions, which enables sophisticated and rapid management of call routing.  The engineering team at Call2Teams were able to identify the remaining operational nodes at a distant point in Microsoft global network and dynamically change the routing of calls across Call2Team’s network to get customers back on the air.

“It’s a nice surprise when your competitors are phoning up and asking how you have fixed it!” said Richard Carver CTO at Qunifi, “we have some advanced capability built into our global network that can get you out of a hole like this, and it’s why so many top tier service providers choose Call2Teams to provide their Teams connectivity”.

There is a normal failover method that catches most transitory issues on the Microsoft network, but this failure was unusually severe and required some quick-thinking by the team to resolve. Call2Teams customers were back on the air within a fraction of the outage time.

Call2Teams is used by many the world’s leading UCaaS providers and extensively invests in R&D and infrastructure to deliver upon the promises given by these enterprise brands.

Events like this demonstrate how deep specialist skills can add real value to a partner’s proposition and make a significant difference to the end customer experience.