Connect your SIP Trunk to Microsoft Teams

How Call2Teams for SIP Trunk works

Call2Teams works for on-prem or cloud hosted telephony.

Connect securely via a SIP registration over the public internet, providing complete flexibility.
Connect Call2Teams to any of your Microsoft tenants, mapping Teams users against your PBX extension or SIP Trunk Phone numbers.

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One Click Set-Up via our Multi-Tenant Portal

Call2Teams provides the capability to connect your SIP Trunk directly into Microsoft Teams.

Your SIP Trunk can send calls into the Call2Teams portal in many different ways – using SIP registration or statically highly available IPs for full redundancy.

Call2Teams allows you to assign phone numbers to call queues or auto-attendants. Providing full access to the features of the Microsoft Phone System.

A few of our 30+ integrations

Pre-configured for existing vendors