Microsoft Teams Phone licensing explained

Microsoft 365 licenses There are a few different types of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Most of which need businesses to purchase additional Teams Phone licensing for the user to activate a dial pad in Teams. If a company has 300 employees or fewer they’ll be using Microsoft 365 Business, any more than that and they will … Continue

What is Direct Routing?

In short, Direct Routing is the most popular method of enabling external calling in Microsoft Teams. In the wider industry outside of Teams, Direct Routing is known as SIP Trunking. You should know that there are currently two other options for enabling voice in Teams besides Direct Routing – Microsoft calling plans and Operator Connect. … Continue

Calling in Microsoft Teams – FAQs

For organizations and businesses looking to use Microsoft Teams as their phone system what are the options for calling in Teams? 7 common questions asked when wanting to use Teams as a business phone system: 1. How do I activate a dialpad in Microsoft Teams? 2. What are the options for calling in Microsoft Teams? … Continue

What Microsoft licensing is required to get calling in Teams?

Microsoft licensing – what is needed when using Call2Teams to bring calling to Teams. Microsoft Teams is free, included with every Microsoft 365 License. Yet to use Teams for calling to external numbers, via a PSTN breakout, further licensing is needed. The level of additional licensing depends on requirements and is a question that is often asked when … Continue