Delivering Microsoft Teams voice integration for legal firms across North America

Corvum appointed to distribute Call2Teams— the world’s easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams

Corvum is the only VoIP phone service provider in North America dedicated to the legal sector. Their client-centric approach offers an intuitive communication solution to meet legal professionals’ needs — replacing manual tasks with smart automation and ensuring billable calls and text communications are properly tracked.

Corvum’s sector focus drives them to continuously innovate, providing legal professionals with a dedicated phone service that meets their specific requirements. With this in mind, Corvum has partnered with Qunifi, to provide Call2Teams, to easily enable voice calls with Microsoft Teams. This new collaboration helps law firms to make and take phone calls to landline and mobile phone networks – and connect these MS Teams calls with legal practice management software such as Clio.

With Call2Teams Corvum can quickly deliver a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solution for legal firms seeking to bring VoIP calling to Microsoft Teams. This allows legal staff to make and take phone calls via the Teams App, on their computers, desk phones, or mobile devices.

“It is exciting to be working with Corvum to support legal firms in North America. Our solution effortlessly voice-enables Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony. This opens up the option for lawyers to make and receive calls wherever they are, from any device using the Microsoft Teams workspace.” Mark Herbert, Founder & President, Qunifi

Call2Teams sits between the Corvum phone system and Microsoft Teams, meaning law firms can keep their existing phone numbers. Using their existing direct dial or extension number, Corvum customers can now use the Teams app just like another phone.

“We are always working on new features that can make lawyers’ lives easier – and with Call2Teams we can do just that. CORVUM’s feature-rich voice and SMS/texting platform offers integrations with legal practice management software. In turn, Microsoft Teams provides their customers with video conferencing and internal messaging. Call2Teams bridges both — giving Teams users not only very flexible phone call management but also the huge efficiency and documentation improvements already realized with CORVUM’s practice management integration.” Jason Baumer, Co-Founder & COO, Corvum.

The Call2Teams cloud service simply connects Corvum VoIP phone services to the Microsoft Teams environment, with no need for any additional software or hardware investment. This powerful combination provides a simple per-user solution, allowing legal firms to easily take a hybrid approach: using Corvum, they can now easily connect Teams to their phone numbers and legal practice management software (such as Clio) at the same time.

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