Leading the way with Microsoft Teams voice integration to support hybrid working

With Call2Teams IP Telecom has been able to lead the way in supporting customers with hybrid and remote working.

IP Telecom through their IPT for Teams solution is helping companies of all sizes adapt to hybrid and remote working. IPT for Teams has Call2Teams at the heart of its suite of solutions, allowing companies of any scale to achieve the benefits of combining Microsoft Teams with their existing phone system.

The challenge:

With over 12 years of experience integrating with Microsoft, IP Telecom understood, even before the pandemic hit, that Teams would be the next integration within the Microsoft ecosystem. With that in mind, they approached Qunifi to understand how Call2Teams could help them stay ahead in the marketplace. They were looking for a robust solution, and as the pandemic hit, one that could be implemented quickly.



The solution:

Call2Teams is a cloud-native, middleware product that easily voice-enables Microsoft Teams with existing enterprise-grade telephony.

“When adopting Call2Teams we carried out extensive testing, to ensure it met requirements and integrated with our platform flawlessly. And guess what, it did.” Explains Rory Whelan, Head of Marketing at IP Telecom.

Rory continues “By partnering with Call2Teams we were able to jump ahead, accelerating our solution to take advantage of the rise in Microsoft Teams. And we are pragmatic, if a partner has a solution that is best in class, then we see the benefits to us and our customers. Call2Teams had done the hard work already, we did not need to build a solution from scratch.”

With Call2Teams providing a robust solution, bridging between Microsoft and the PBX, IP Telecom is free to focus on the telephony needs of their customers. IP Telecom does not need to worry about staying on top of the intricacies of Microsoft, as Call2Teams take care of this.

“It is easy to let Call2Teams focus on taking care of the connectivity with Microsoft. With Call2Teams often fixing problems, even before we are aware there is one. Or on the odd occasion, when there is a Microsoft outage, Call2Teams are on it, introducing a workaround. With Call2Teams reacting quickly 24/7, we avoid support issues with our own customer base.” Explains Dermot Frost, NOC Manager at IP Telecom

Based in Ireland but serving customers with international reach, the global footprint of Call2Teams has also made it possible for IP Telecom to support customers who are headquartered in Ireland but have offices around the globe.

The benefits:

IP Telecom was able to support their customers with an easy transition to Teams. Companies could eliminate the need of diverting office numbers to personal mobiles, providing cost savings to the company and crucially, offering the employee a clear separation between work and personal contact details.

Teams allows ‘bring-your-own-device’, meaning companies can also reduce hardware costs, whilst employees no longer need to carry a separate phone for work. And for those that remain in the office, where a desk phone is still required, Call2Teams can also enable this integration into Teams.

By bridging the gap between existing telephony and Microsoft Teams, customers are not tied into one ecosystem. They can benefit from Teams whilst having calling services in a way that suits their business. It also reduces the risk of being reliant on one solution from a single provider.

Rory Whelan concludes “Set up proved to be fast, the solution is cost-effective and reliable. Answering IP Telecoms requirements for delivering cloud-based telephony with Microsoft. As a pure-cloud solution, Call2Teams has enabled IP Telecom to bundle services, adapting configurations to meet client needs. Adding value, giving customers the Teams experience they want without compromising on features or resilience.”

The results:

Placing themselves as educators in the market, IP Telecom is leading the way in Ireland, supporting companies of all sizes to connect their telephony to Microsoft. They understand that Teams is the collaboration tool of choice, with companies already having access with Office365.

“Without Call2Teams we wouldn’t be as far down the road as we are, we wouldn’t have the volume of customers migrated and the lockdowns of 2020 would have been much harder to deal with as a business. By partnering with Call2Teams we were quickly able to deliver a solution for voice-enabling Teams. We were able to meet customer demand and gained new customers, who could not get a solution via their existing provider.” Rory Whelan, Head of Marketing at IP Telecom.

IP Telecom has been able to support businesses with different models. They have seen success in the education sector, where Teams is well established. Here they have been able to bring integration with existing telephony across different sites and campuses. They have also supported charities, which run support lines manned by home-based volunteers. By providing a Teams endpoint for their phone services, the phone can be accessed by the volunteers at the shift time required from their home location.

Working with businesses large and small IP Telecom takes time to understand the mix of requirements, tailoring the model to suit. Taking services and product bundles, all with Microsoft Teams integration, to truly deliver the calling experience required.

IP Telecom, with Call2Teams, was able to rapidly support customers with a robust, enterprise-grade solution for voice-enabling Teams. The solution has helped them stay ahead of the curve and meet the growing demand for Microsoft integration.

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