Staying ahead of Teams PowerShell changes

Keeping up to date with changes in the Microsoft realm can be a headache. But Call2Teams partners do not need to worry. The experts at Call2Teams are on hand to stay ahead of Microsoft and Teams PowerShell changes.

Changes to phone number assignment using Teams PowerShell Module cmdlets

The PowerShell changes taking place from early April 2022, will see the current phone number assignment capabilities for Microsoft Teams being retired. Following this change, administrators in Teams will no longer be able to assign and remove phone numbers from users and resource accounts using ‘Set-CsUser’ and ‘Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance’.


How this affects the Call2Teams solution

Our partners can rest assured that the Call2Teams solution will not be impacted. This is because we have already completed the piece of work needed to keep our partners on track, and their customers calling in Teams.

Pawel Sroczynski is one of our Senior Full Stack Developers, who has headed up the changes needed. Based in Poland, Pawel has 15 plus years of software developer experience. Pawel has worked with PowerShell numerous times, releasing to Microsoft Azure or into an independent infrastructure, but new to him was scripting required changes for integrating Microsoft Teams.

“Behind the Call2Teams portal, there has been a lot of work done in integrating Microsoft so that our partners don’t need to. When Microsoft announced changes to Teams PowerShell, it was imperative we brought in the necessary changes to keep on delivering the enterprise-grade service our partners around the globe expect.” Says Pawel.

Pawel explains further “PowerShell brings a huge number of possibilities. It is this PowerShell know-how that drives the Call2Teams solution, allowing us to bridge the divide between telephony and IT, to bring calling into Teams. This and the ability to understand telephony, to forward calls, to grant access rights in the platform is what makes the Call2Teams solution tick.”

The project led by Pawel means that, following the Microsoft PowerShell changes, the Call2Teams solution will continue as before. With the solution allowing customers to setup users for native calling in the click of a few buttons without the need of PowerShell knowledge.

An enterprise-grade middleware solution, Call2Teams is more than just Direct Routing. Call2Teams brings value through the coordination and integration of Teams with existing telephony. The sync process in the portal is crucial to this. For those using the solution, it is as simple as clicking the sync button, which checks the set-up, taking just a moment to go through the entire configuration and validate everything.

For developers working on the Call2Teams solution, it is precisely this under-the-hood configuration that drives them, making the complex simple. And it is their hidden work that means Call2Teams is the easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams.

“Working on Call2Teams is always exciting, my knowledge is always evolving. In general, what we do, connecting voice services to Microsoft Teams, on the face of it is simple, but lift the lid and there is a lot to learn, from production, testing, and deployment. Working here keeps me at the cutting edge of software development. But most of all I love working here because of the friendly and supportive team.”

– Pawel Scroczynski, Senior Full Stack Developer, Call2Teams