Options for calling in Microsoft Teams – Why choose Call2Teams?

Want to get calling with Microsoft Teams? Looking to voice-enable Microsoft Teams but not sure what option is best? In this article, we look at the options and how Call2Teams compares to other solutions available in the marketplace.

What are the options for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams?

For organizations looking to route calls to and from Microsoft Teams, there are a number of options to choose from. Enterprises can look to move completely over to Microsoft and purchase Calling Plans for calling in Teams. Alternatively, they can use Direct Routing, using a Session Border Controller (SBC) to connect existing phone lines, numbers, and minutes to Microsoft Teams. And now, with Microsoft Operator Connect organizations can purchase lines and minutes direct from Carriers within the Teams admin interface.

What are the pros and cons of each option? What are the advantages of using a service such as Call2Teams?

This is the third in a series: Why Call2Teams?

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Microsoft Calling Plans

Moving to the Microsoft Phone System can be appealing to organizations, as it reduces the management resources. Moving wholly to the Microsoft ecosystem, by adding the Microsoft Phone license can be appealing when organizations are already on board with their IT.

Microsoft Phone System doesn’t work for everyone. Companies that are looking for call-center-like capabilities with features like call parking or administration for large numbers of operators, won’t have all their needs met by the out-of-the-box solution from Teams.



  • Cloud solution managed by Microsoft.
  • Calling plans can be pricey. Organizations often have multi-year contracts with their current UCaaS/PBX or phone service providers.
  • Reduced management, IT only needs to manage one solution.
  • Telephony is lacking in features and may not be suitable for those needing feature-rich capability. Key technical integrations might not work, e.g. to call centre software.
  • A simple user interface, with minimal training required as in a
    familiar Microsoft style.
  • Different groups of users have different requirements – some users need Microsoft Teams Calling, but others are phone-only.


Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SBCs

Building direct routing connections to Microsoft Teams is another option. This though can be complex, disruptive, and expensive. Setting up a private instance of Direct Routing is not something most organizations want to do themselves.



  • A solution that is tailored to your needs.
  • It requires significant levels of expertise not usually readily available in most organizations.
  • Choose to use SBCs that are Microsoft Approved.
  • It can be prohibitively expensive, especially when you include SBC licensing costs, as well as enterprise-grade security and availability.
  • Deliver high levels of functionality.
  • On-prem installation can be a logistical challenge, taking time and ongoing maintenance and configuration.


Direct Routing as a Service – Pros and Cons

Incorporating Direct Routing as a Service is a cost-effective way for organizations to bring calling, via their existing PSTN, to Microsoft Teams.

With a cloud solution, there is no disruption and they can be often delivered on a rolling contract, with upgrades and maintenance provided.



  • A solution that is maintained for you.
  • You do not own the solution, so tailored options and fixes are by request.
  • A cost-effective solution with no CAPEX.
  • It is important to choose a provider that has the scalability you are looking for.
  • Using the cloud to deliver Direct Routing minimizes disruption.
  • It is important to choose a provider that is compatible and has the interoperability you are looking for.


How does Call2Teams compare?

Our DRaaS solution is PBX agnostic. We are not a telephony provider and do not sell lines or calling plans. There are other DRaaS providers out there, but many want to provide minutes and/or numbers too.

We are a cost-effective solution, that compliments an existing phone system and delivers native Teams calling.

  • Call2Teams operates via a global network of Direct Routing as-a-Service (DRaaS) approved SBCs and services
  • Call2Teams delivers enterprise-grade DRaaS in the Azure cloud across 4 continents in 12 Azure regions 24/7
  • There is no need to deploy any hardware or software to use Call2Teams DRaaS.

Call2Teams is an add-on to Office 365 which can be easily set up and configured in minutes by any Office 365 admin. It allows organizations to retain their existing PBX phone system and fully integrate it quickly and easily into Teams. It is available on a simple low-cost per-user monthly subscription without any hardware or software to install.



When UCaaS and voice providers ‘Teams enable’ their service, customers can take advantage of reduced desktop admin, whilst retaining the core capabilities that are embedded in their business today. Click here to find a partner

As a pure-cloud solution, sold exclusively through the channel, Call2Teams enables providers to bundle services, adapting configurations to meet client needs. Adding value, giving customers the Teams experience they want without compromising on features or resilience.