Understanding Nomadic E911

Are you ready for Nomadic E911? At Call2Teams, we know the importance of keeping up-to-date with Regulatory changes. Following Ray Baum’s legislation, we know it’s critical for our US based partners to be compliant, and the importance of their enterprise customers requirements that the dispatchable location is readily available in the event of a 911 … Continue

Why Call2Teams? A feature-rich Microsoft Teams DRaaS solution

This is the second in a series: Why Call2Teams? In this article, we review the recent Call2Teams features and explore how Call2Teams helps channel partners to differentiate in the marketplace. Not read the first article yet? Why Call2Teams? – A reliable and robust Microsoft Teams DRaaS solution Call2Teams has several enterprise-grade features that enhance the … Continue

What does the rise in Microsoft Teams mean for the PBX?

The communications landscape is transforming, and IT, Voice, and Telecom service providers need to respond. Microsoft has taken ownership of the user’s desktop. Office365 is the convergence point for all Microsoft’s key assets and with Teams, Microsoft is pulling telephony under this umbrella. One integrated collaboration tool is a dream for IT admins, having just … Continue

The pros and cons of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

The rise in remote working has accelerated the take-up of Microsoft Teams. Yet businesses commonly ask how they can connect their existing phone infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. How do I route calls to and from Microsoft Teams? Businesses can see the benefit of collaborative working, brought by Microsoft Teams, yet they are left with the … Continue