Why Call2Teams? A feature-rich Microsoft Teams DRaaS solution

This is the second in a series: Why Call2Teams?

In this article, we review the recent Call2Teams features and explore how Call2Teams helps channel partners to differentiate in the marketplace.

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Why Call2Teams? – A reliable and robust Microsoft Teams DRaaS solution

Call2Teams has several enterprise-grade features that enhance the voice service for Teams users.

Call2Teams is always evolving. With developments closely following Microsoft, Call2Teams is maintained by the experts at Qunifi, who are focused on maintaining and operating the complete high-availability Teams Direct Routing infrastructure. In the last 12 months, there have been several feature improvements. Here are a few of the highlights, as well as the newly launched add-ons.

The latest highlights:

Smart Wizard Setup – step-by-step installation guide for end-users

Designed to ease the installation of Call2Teams and reduce technical barriers. Providing self-explanatory guidance, making it a whole lot easier for non-voice experts to self-install

Trunks Number ranges ID settings – Management of outbound caller ID presentation

Allows for the caller-id number, on out-bound calls, via SIP Trunks, to be pre-set. This feature makes it easy for customers to manage how they present their number.

Teams True Transfer – Achieve correct call representation in both Teams and PBX

The Teams True Transfer feature provides signaling information from Teams back into the PBX, ensuring that busy/free status is shown correctly in the PBX if a call is transferred between users in Microsoft Teams. Learn more

Large Tenant Mode – Easily enable up to 100k users per customer

With full integration with the customer’s enterprise Active Directory, Teams True Transfer provides rapid configuration of Teams voice across thousands of users. Learn more

Newly launched add-ons:

Phone App – enabling the dial pad, native Teams calling for light voice users

Phone App enables the dialler in Microsoft Teams. It is a feature add-on to Call2Teams that provides a cost-effective voice experience and simpler license management, for those who do not use the phone much. Learn more

Brand Essentials – ‘soft’ branding

Brand Essentials provides a ‘soft’ branding option for those partners who do not need the full private label solution offered by our Brand Complete option. Learn more

How Call2Teams helps to differentiate

Call2Teams is a feature-rich middleware solution that has helped our partners differentiate in the marketplace.

  • Develop a ‘with Teams’ strategy

Call2Teams allows UCaaS and voice providers to Teams enable their services. Bringing Teams into their portfolio allows them to support Microsoft Teams users without disruption or loss of functionality and with almost instant deployment.

Taking this ‘withTeams’ approach has seen UCaaS providers winning large enterprise customers of the class that would have been difficult to reach previously and with much shorter sales cycles.

  • Teams for contact center

With features such as Teams True Transfer and Caller ID Management, Call2Teams is suitable for Call Centre environments. And by using the Call2Teams UCaaS solution there is no need to rip and replace existing telephony. Meaning partners can deliver a direct routing solution that allows agents to interact with customers from any Teams endpoint.

  • Reach new markets

By overlaying Call2Teams our Voice, IT, and Telco partners find they can open the door to Teams for users who previously may not have found it suitable. Call2Teams allows customers to retain negotiated calling plans and minutes. It also means feature-rich telephony, which may not be supported in Teams, can be retained.

In addition, with the new Phone App feature add-on, it is possible to offer native Teams calling for all users across an organization. Allocating Call2Teams, with the Microsoft License to users who have feature-rich telephony requirements, or Phone App for light voice users. Meaning organizations can tailor their Teams phone system per user across the organization.

Call2Teams, leader in Microsoft Teams DRaaS

As a pure-cloud solution, Call2Teams enables providers to bundle services, adapting configurations to meet client needs. Adding value, giving customers the Teams experience they want without compromising on features or resilience.

This hybrid approach means customers can gain from the collaborative working provided by Microsoft Teams whilst still maintaining the telephony that suits them.

Why Call2Teams? Next in the series

In our next focus piece, we will look at the option available for voice-enabling Teams and how Call2Teams compares