Growing your Service Provider business via the rise of Microsoft Teams

As Microsoft expands its PSTN enabled userbase you may be looking for ways in which you can be a part its growth. You may then also be glad to hear that there are two simple ways in which you can be an efficient part of the growing wave of voice integration. These methods are namely Direct Routing and Operator Connect.

Direct Routing

The most popular method of voice enablement at this point in time is Direct Routing. Direct Routing, including Direct Routing as a service (DRaaS), is considered the best method for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams for a number of reasons.

  1. It can help you grow with Microsoft, instead of being enveloped by it.
  2. With a Direct Routing service your customers can keep their existing phone system, helping you retain customers
  3. It allows you to keep your existing carrier, minutes and plans
  4. There is no need to port or change numbers
  5. You can utilize the advantages of Teams by working in any location, on any device.

As a Direct Routing solution, Call2Teams is widely regarded as a world leader, rolled out by our partners across the globe.

Operator Connect

The newest way of enabling voice in Microsoft Teams is Operator Connect, which is slightly different from Direct Routing. With Operator Connect the marketplace of available Carriers has been pre-approved by Microsoft themselves. Another distinction is that calls are made through certified infrastructures and not carried over the public internet.

Operator Connect is straightforward in the way that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It connects businesses to Operators by providing a marketplace in the Teams admin portal. From there potential end customers can reach out directly to the selected Carriers for lines and minutes, and Carriers can deploy their services through Operator Connect. This is what is known as a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) system and it is rapidly gaining popularity across major UCaaS. Operator Connect uses the Accelerator program to help Providers get onboarded quickly and efficiently. See our Carrier Automate product for more information.

As an Operator Connect Accelerator, Carrier Automate is best placed to help you onboard and grow on the Operator Connect marketplace.

What are the business drivers for integrating PBX to Teams?

Often large multinationals operate each geography as a separate business unit, and each unit will deploy a PBX to meet their individual needs. The advantage of overlaying Call2Teams means users can also communicate via Teams across the entire organization regardless of the PBX they are running. A call can come in on the PBX and then be transferred via Teams internationally, bringing a unified experience across the global organization.

As a Direct Routing solution Call2Teams ensures that any functionality that is on a PBX is retained and integrated within Teams. Meaning that, for example, if a Hunt Group is set up on a PBX its functionality is still available in Teams.

Addressing business needs such as this means that Service Providers can not only reduce the risk of customer churn but also increase their addressable markets and customer-base. This is doubly true for out newest product Call2Teams Go, which opens up markets that were previously priced out of voice integration.

For Service Providers, adding either a Direct Routing or Carrier Automate solution to their portfolio means:

  • The power to provide a certified, global, market leading Microsoft Teams voice integration solution
  • Being able to go with the flow of the market towards unified communications
  • Meeting the needs of their present and future customers
  • Staying ahead of the competition and remaining futureproof

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