The long-term solution for voice enabling Teams

With remote working and flexible working here to stay, many businesses are re-aligning their communications to meet longer-term goals.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to utilize voice, video, and messaging on one platform, to meet their needs now and in the future. For Voice, Telco, and IT partners this means delivering solutions that will flex with demand.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used collaboration platforms. With Microsoft owning nearly four-fifths of the business desktop market, and with Teams offered as part of the Office 365 suite it was the natural go-to for many businesses. This is evident with Teams being the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history.

The ability to access the work phone system through the unified Teams client is invaluable. With the customer driving demand, voice providers are under pressure to Teams enable their service, and IT teams are under pressure to incorporate existing enterprise-grade telephony. And not just that, the solution needs to be long-term.

4 things to look for when voice-enabling Teams for the long-term

1 – Easy to deliver and manage

Microsoft Teams have seen success because of the need to bring communications into a unified space. With Teams end users can reduce time switching between Apps, and by bringing calling into Teams users do not need to switch between operating systems to make calls.

With the Call2Teams solution, it is possible to quickly and simply, integrate the existing phone set-up. Call2Teams Partners manage the service for their customers through an intuitive subscription management platform. Giving businesses a low-cost, flexible, and immediate solution for making and receiving calls in Microsoft Teams.

Call2Teams is cloud-native, it sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. Delivered as a simple overlay service, there is no need to port numbers, change carrier, or throw away an existing phone system.

With effortless implementation, Call2Teams end-users can simply make and receive calls from any device using a single Microsoft Teams workspace.

2 – Reliable and secure

For a communications strategy to work long-term, it must be resilient, with carrier-grade reliability. It should also come with security built-in.

With Microsoft owning nearly four-fifths of the business desktop market, it is an operating environment IT and end-users are comfortable with. Microsoft is an established and trusted provider, with enterprise-grade encryption and security built-in. And Call2Teams is an established global platform and chosen by the world’s major telephony brands to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Operating predominantly in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Call2Teams service is currently served from super-clusters in four continents across the globe. With carrier-grade reliability and global call capacity, Call2Teams is also capable of facilitating up to 100k users per customer.

Offering true Office 365 integration, Call2Teams is a Microsoft Silver Partner, and Co-sell validated.

3 – Integration and scalability

Now is the time to move to a more established phase of remote work and explore permanent collaboration solutions. It is important to choose an offering that provides integration and open APIs. To provide the option to scale, as well as integrate, providing the flexibility to meet longer-term goals

Call2Teams is designed to scale. The service can be deployed on a user-by-user basis and scaled to meet the needs and demands of businesses of all sizes, across the globe. Accommodating as little as one user per customer to 100k users per customer. The Call2Teams portal and management API has been optimized to accommodate large user number scenarios, as well as for automated deployment into partner PBX platforms.

4 – Feature-rich

By overlaying Call2Teams our Voice, IT, and Telco partners find they can easily provide calling within the Teams environment. Meaning feature-rich telephony, which may not be supported in Teams, can be retained.

Call2Teams is the leading go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams. And the experts at Call2Teams maintain and operate the complete high-availability Teams Direct Routing infrastructure. Call2Teams is always evolving, with several enterprise-grade updates already released this year, including Teams True Transfer and Large Tenant Mode. With further, exciting feature updates planned.

Sold exclusively through channel partners, Call2Teams is available globally and can be deployed in minutes.
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