5 good reasons your customers will love Call2Teams

Call2Teams allows business users to make and receive calls from any device using the Microsoft Teams workspace. Here are 5 good reasons why

Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity, whilst also supporting remote working. Yet often, the missing piece is how to seamlessly connect existing telephony infrastructure and services with Microsoft Teams.

For Voice, Telecoms, and IT providers supporting business users, there is a leading go-to-market solution that removes the Microsoft Teams voice dilemma.

Call2Teams is a cloud-native, middleware product that sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP Trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. Sold exclusively through channel partners, Call2Teams allows business users to make and receive calls from any device using the Microsoft Teams workspace.

Here are 5 reasons why your customers will love Call2Teams

1. Non-disruptive With Call2Teams there is no need to adopt Teams as a PBX replacement. Users can still utilize feature-rich, on-premise PBX solutions. Call2Teams also supports existing SIPs Trunk services. In short, end users can maintain existing feature-rich telephony and take a hybrid approach, avoiding the disruption of rip and replace.

2. Quick and simple

Call2Teams provides an immediate solution for voice-enabling Teams. There is no hardware or software needed. There is no need to port numbers, change carrier, or throw away an existing phone system. Call2Teams is cloud-native, with near-instant, one-click deployment.

3. Cost-effective

Call2Teams offers a scalable, per-user, per-month billing model, with no set-up cost. And because it is cloud-native there is no capital expenditure or ongoing maintenance expense. It also means businesses can get the most from existing telephony investment.

4. Low risk Call2Teams, unlike bespoke development, is low risk. Call2Teams updates and developments are handled by the development team at Qunifi. Call2Teams is an established global platform, chosen by the world’s major telephony brands to integrate with Microsoft Teams. Built extensively in the Azure cloud, Call2Teams is validated by Microsoft. It is a true Office 365 experience that offers extensive tried and tested interoperability.

5. Drive business A better-connected business is a better business. Call2Teams effortlessly voice enables Microsoft Teams, so completing the Unified Communications set up. The Call2Teams middleware UCaaS solution is the perfect answer for businesses looking to adapt to the new normal, with a work anywhere approach. Collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity, deliver agility and flexibility. The ability to access the work phone system through the unified Teams client is invaluable for driving customer engagement and business forward.

Call2Teams is the leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service and native calling. Call2Teams opens up a hybrid approach, so businesses can make the most of enterprise-grade telephony and best-in-class collaboration.

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