Why Call2Teams? – A reliable and robust Microsoft Teams DRaaS solution

This is the first in a series: Why Call2Teams?

In this article, we look at what makes Call2Teams, reliable and robust. When providing our Call2Teams DRaaS solution we want our partners to be confident that the solution is best-in-class. This is how we do it.

We operate a global, high-availability DRaaS platform

  • Our global, high-availability platform operates in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and is served from super-clusters in four continents
  • We are the only enterprise-grade, global provider of Teams DRaaS.
  • With Call2Teams, partners can also deliver Office 365 PSTN in countries Microsoft can’t reach.
  • We have extensive interoperability with 60+ vendor platforms
  • We have advanced failover mechanisms, to ensure consistent and high levels of availability.
  • Fully certified, secure, and robust – ISO27001, HIPAA compliant, Microsoft co-sell ready, Microsoft certified SBCs

A specialist Microsoft Teams DRaaS provider

Offering true Office 365 integration, Call2Teams is a Microsoft Silver Partner, and Co-sell validated. A close collaborator with Microsoft in Europe and the US, with insight into Microsoft strategy and approach, we live and breathe Teams DRaaS.

Our experts are focused on maintaining and operating the complete high-availability Teams Direct Routing infrastructure. It is what we do.

The Call2Teams service is built on Microsoft’s network for assured uptime and call quality​. The Call2Teams application also uses single sign-on for user authentication.

Call2Teams technology is also based on SBCs that are Microsoft direct routing approved​.

Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-service with enterprise-grade resilience

The Call2Teams platform is architected for reliability and scalability.

Operating in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and served from super-clusters in four continents. To ensure consistent and high levels of availability, the service uses in-cluster HA (multi-load balancers per) with multi-geo/intercontinental failover.

Utilizing the latest platform and elasticity components available in Microsoft Azure. Features such as platform-as-code and automatic scaling of the database, App Service, and SBC media nodes ensures the platform architecture will meet its multi-million-user design specification.

Delivering continuity of service – a recent example

Microsoft recently had an outage of their phone platform across Europe and North America – with users unable to make calls for several hours.

During this outage, our Call2Teams customers had a far smoother experience.

Call2Teams operates a global fabric of call-management and Direct Routing SBCs deployed across 4 continents and 6 Azure regions, which enables sophisticated and rapid management of call routing. The Call2Teams system automatically rerouted calls to other geographies resulting in only a short downtime.

There is a normal failover method that catches most transitory issues on the Microsoft network, but this failure was unusually severe and required some quick-thinking by the team to resolve. Call2Teams customers were back on the air within a fraction of the outage time.

“It’s a nice surprise when your competitors are phoning up and asking how you have fixed it!” said Richard Carver CTO at Qunifi, “we have some advanced capability built into our global network that can get you out of a hole like this, and it’s why so many top-tier service providers choose Call2Teams to provide their Teams connectivity”.

Deploying multiple layers of resilience

The mission-critical nature of some organizations inherently requires them to deploy multiple layers of resiliency for their communications services.

An extra layer of resilience can be deployed with on-site SBAs.

The Call2Teams service also provides Interoperability with the Ribbon family of SBAs. Providing an on-site SBA element to our cloud solution, providing a local backup element. During the unlikely event of a network link or Microsoft 365 outage, the SBA enables Call2Teams customers to continue to make and receive phone calls.

A reliable and robust Teams DRaaS solution

Call2Teams is a Teams DRaaS solution developed and maintained by the experts at Qunifi. Sold exclusively through the channel, the Qunifi team are laser focussed on delivering a best-in-class solution. To that end, our Teams DRaaS is reliable, robust, and trusted by leading voice, UCaaS, and MSP service providers around the globe.

  • Call2Teams is used by customers with 1M+ Microsoft Teams users.
  • Call2Teams supports 250k end-users and globally manages over 1000 concurrent calls.
  • With 99.99% availability target SLAs, Call2Teams is the market leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service.

Why Call2Teams? Next in the series

In our next focus piece, we will look at the features delivered by Call2Teams, exploring how they help our partners differentiate in the marketplace.