Why leading Voice Providers choose Call2Teams

Call2Teams is an award-winning leader in voice integration. Trusted by 350+ partners, Call2Teams is used around the globe by over a million Teams users. So, what is behind this success? Why is Call2Teams the preferred option for Voice Providers looking to integrate into Microsoft Teams?

Call2Teams is global

Our global, high-availability platform operates in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and is served from super-clusters in four continents. This means that we are the only Enterprise-grade, global provider of Teams DRaaS. On top of this our friendly support staff now provide 24/7 follow-the-sun assistance.

With Call2Teams you can extend even further as our products operate in areas where even Microsoft can’t reach. This allows us to take the pain out of voice-enabling Microsoft Teams no matter your geography.

Call2Teams is more than just DRaaS

Call2Teams lets you go beyond just Direct Routing alone. With powerful features as standard you’re covered, and more importantly fully supported, for any eventuality or business need. A Call2Teams license includes:

  • Our game-changing transfer feature Teams True Transfer, which enables true call representation in both Teams and the PBX
  • Large Tenant Mode which rapidly enables up to 100k users per customer
  • Powerful automation in the form of our automated sync

As well as this you can customise Call2Teams with branding and Dynamic Emergency Trunking capabilities.

Call2Teams is for everyone

With the introduction of our newest product Call2Teams Go, we really can help you reach all available markets. We believe that Unified Communication is the way forward for voice, so we will continue to make sure that Teams integration is an option even for the most cost sensitive businesses and verticals.

Call2Teams is robust, reliable and resilient.

Our solution is built around the core concepts of reliability and scalability. And with 99.99% availability target SLAs and a customer base providing for over 1M Teams users the reliability of Call2Teams has been thoroughly proven.

We utilize the latest platform and elasticity components that are available in Microsoft Azure. Because of this Call2Teams continues to ensure compatibility with SMBs to multi-million user design specifications.

We are experts in Microsoft Voice

As a world leader we have one of the one of the most well-developed Microsoft voice integration products in the market. Not only this but after years in the industry we have developed in-depth relationships with Microsoft, with whom we are silver co-sell validated. When it comes to Microsoft, all of our products are fully supported and future-proof.

We are experts in Telephony

With these decades of combined experience in telephony, we are fully prepared to keep on delivering carrier-grade solutions now and into the future. Our forward-facing roadmap ensures that Call2Teams will remain an unbeatable product.

We are experts in bridging the gap between UCaaS and Voice

Sitting between UCaaS and voice is a heavily nuanced task. But with Call2Teams you get a fully tested, fully brandable product that is feature-rich, and fully native.

We are experts in providing an unparalleled service

With Call2Teams it’s not just about the technical stack we can provide. The people that make up Call2Teams and Dstny have the expertise and know-how to deliver products in a way that nobody else can. As a Call2Teams partner you can expect to be fully supported from start to finish. There is a reason as to why we have been able to build up and retain a network of over 350 partners who love to be a part of the Call2Teams journey.