Reaping the benefits of flexible UCaaS solutions

The Call2Teams UCaaS solution empowers Voice, IT, and Telco Partners from around the world to simply, quickly, and cost-effectively voice-enable Microsoft Teams for their customers.

The leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service and native calling. Call2Teams is a middleware, UCaaS solution, that provides a bridge between existing Voice services and Microsoft Teams, to open up some rewarding business opportunities within the growing UCaaS and Unified Communications marketplace.

Bringing value-add by bridging the divide between Voice and IT

The revolution of combining message, video, and phone is reshaping the workplace. And now, with the pandemic accelerating a shift in working practice, the market opportunity is strong.

Enterprises understand the importance of continuity, with technology that can adapt to changing circumstances. It is generally acknowledged that cloud-first organizations are more adaptable, with flexible operations to meet company, employee, and customer needs.

By having Call2Teams in their portfolio our Voice, IT, and Telco Partners can bundle solutions, to bring greater value to their end-user customer base. This is because with Call2Teams there is no need to rip and replace feature-rich on-premise telephony. A hybrid approach can be taken to deliver the Voice requirements enterprises need, whilst also delivering them access to the Teams unified workspace.

Scalable solutions that align with longer-term communication strategies

With the pandemic, businesses of all sizes adapted quickly, and Teams was the natural go-to. With Microsoft owning nearly four-fifths of the business desktop market, and with Teams offered as part of the Office 365 suite, it was a tool many already had.

Now, as we adapt to the new normal, companies will be wanting to align their communications to longer-term strategies. And Call2Teams, a best-in-class middleware, UCaaS product comes with flexibility and scalability.

Call2Teams offers partners a flexible approach for onboarding large customers. Delivered with no minimum user quantity. No software or hardware is needed. With no set-up charge and scalable licensing, Call2Teams provides an adaptable, cost-effective solution. Meaning the service can be deployed on a user-by-user basis and scaled to meet the needs and demands of businesses of all sizes. With global deployment capabilities, partners can bring locations on board and update international business units with new features in minutes.

Opening up revenue streams through Microsoft

Microsoft Teams have seen success because of the need to bring communications into a unified space. Understandably too much workplace technology can kill productivity, as workers struggle to manage communications between different platforms. So now is the time for the adoption of Unified Communications within one collaborative platform, such as Teams.

Microsoft Teams brings a host of integrations to take advantage of. And by voice-enabling Teams, you could provide some unique solutions. CRM integrations, work management apps, and industry-specific tools can all be used within the Teams workspace to optimize work productivity.

For example, integration of the legal management platform CLIO with Microsoft Teams is already in place. By voice-enabling Teams, this connection becomes more valuable, with law professionals being able to automate call time into the CLIO legal management platform. So helping to automate billing admin.

Call2Teams also has several features that enhance the Voice service for Teams users. For example, the Teams True Transfer feature ensures that busy/free status is shown correctly in the PBX if a call is transferred between users in Microsoft Teams. Providing correct off-hook busy representation of both users after a transfer. This standard feature is a must-have for multi-agent and call center environments.

For agents that need a do-not-disturb option, allowing time for writing up call notes, with the Call2Teams add-on, they can over-write their Teams presence from ‘Available’ to ‘Busy’, whilst also having this reflected in the PBX.

By overlaying Call2Teams our Voice, IT, and Telco partners find they can open the door to Teams for users who previously may not have found it suitable.

Call2Teams allows customers to retain negotiated calling plans and minutes. It also means feature-rich telephony, which may not be supported in Teams, can be retained.

For channel partners, Call2Teams offers an out-of-the-box, go-to-market solution. Importantly it is a value-add solution, which means our partners can take an active part in the Unified Communications conversation.

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