Why Call2Teams is unique for voice-enabling Teams

Microsoft Teams is surging ahead in the race for Unified Communications dominance. With their FY23 Q4 earnings call revealing that they now provide PSTN connectivity to over 17M users, Microsoft have shown that Teams is growing at pace. But why is this important for us? Well, when it comes to offering your customers a seamless Direct Routing solution that goes hand in hand with Microsoft’s successes we think Call2Teams is also leagues ahead, and here’s why.

Call2Teams is incredibly seamless. This makes it easy for Service Providers to sell and deliver, with users barely even noticing that it’s not part of their original client when they do start to use it.

On top of world-class, award-winning voice capabilities and unique operability, Call2Teams also offers features that you simply will not find anywhere else. Such as:

  • Branding – Our multi-tiered options allow for fully tailored branding
  • Teams True Transfer (TTT) – A feature that solves one of the key issues users face elsewhere – true line state representation.
  • Large Tenant Mode – Our mechanism which allows for synchronization and user management for up to 100,000 users.
  • Dynamic Emergency Trunk (DET) – If you are based in the US, remaining E911 compliant is now mandatory. Our DET solution ensures full compliance for both PBX and Trunks.

From the beginning our mantra has been to make Call2Teams not only easy to sell but also easy to buy. This means we are always looking to make our products as friendly as possible.

We lead the way for DRaaS because:

  • Our solutions have global availability
  • We are certified by Microsoft as a silver ISV partner
  • Our top-class technical stack provides extensive interoperability and advanced functionality you won’t find anywhere else
  • Our scalable, out-of-the-box readiness enables you to acquire new customers and retain existing customers with minimal disruption

Here you can learn how our dedication to voice keeps Call2Teams the best enabler on the market and how all of our powerful features look, feel and fit together. These are the things that make Call2Teams one of a kind.

Call2Teams does the technical legwork for you

Beyond the nuts and bolts are the people who are passionate about bridging the gap between Teams UCaaS and voice – we work tirelessly with the technical stuff so you don’t have to.

Call2Teams is serviced from super-clusters across the four continents. This means we are truly global. No matter where you are in the world, you can always become a part of the Call2Teams family.

Also, last but not least our top-of-the-range Session Border Controllers (SBCs) ensure not only security but also carrier-grade efficiency and stability.

Call2Teams has full interoperability

We understand that in this interconnected world it is important that your Direct Routing solution delivers seamless integration with as many systems as possible.

This is why we have designed Call2Teams to play extremely well with others. It can be integrated with 30+ PBX networks and 30+ Trunk systems. If a customer is using multiple PBXs at once Call2Teams can operate with them all simultaneously, performing a single platform configuration across multiple regions.

Call2Teams products can be instantly deployed as part of any offer. They provide Teams calling that retains existing customers who may be looking for cloud solutions, creating a boost in ARPU. We can also help you acquire new customers looking to make the cloud transition by increasing your addressable markets.

Call2Teams is extremely scalable and channel friendly

We only sell through the channel, so Call2Teams is set up to deliver against this model.

As a channel-delivered product, Call2Teams is cost-effective for organizations of any size – it’s priced simply as per-user, per month. With elastic multitenancy and a multi-tiered subscription management system, Call2Teams is fully scalable and ready to sell to any Enterprise.

Call2Teams is full of features that make the most out of Microsoft Teams

As well as a top-tier technology stack, interoperability and scalability, Call2Teams is packed with defining features.


As well as our out-of-the-box option, Call2Teams is available with two customization packages. Brand Essentials and Brand Complete allowing you to tailor the appearance of Call2Teams as much or as little as you want. From the portal logo to custom domains, with these branding options you can really make Call2Teams your own. Our customization options mean that reselling is simple and uncomplicated. You really can thoroughly put your own stamp on the world’s most powerful DRaaS solution.

Teams True Transfer (TTT)

Included as standard with Call2Teams, Teams True Transfer ensures that call and user states are correctly handled and updated on the PBX. This may not seem like a big deal on face value, but let’s put Teams True Transfer into a scenario.

  1. A customer calls into an enterprise, and the first person to answer the phone is Bob.
  2. Bob decides that his co-worker Charlie would be able to handle this customer’s needs much better and transfers the call over.
  3. This is where TTT really begins to shine. After the call is transferred, TTT makes it so that Bob now appears as available (or on-hook) to the PBX so he is free to get another call. Without TTT, Bob would still appear as busy (or off-hook). Not only this but without TTT Charlie would still be showing as available.

Just from this simple example you can see how incorrect line state representation can bring things to a grinding halt. Without TTT an agent can still be displayed as off-hook to the PBX after transferring a call and be shown as available after getting a call transferred to them.

Teams True Transfer streamlines the transfer process for maximum efficiency and optimized SLAs. This means that users’ on-hook/off-hook status is always up to date.

Large Tenant Mode

Large Tenant Mode is yet another way in which we make voice enablement easy!

With Large Tenant mode it is easy to enable large amounts of users into the Call2Teams portal. At its simplest, this feature makes it possible to manage the addition of over 1000 users at once. At the other end of the spectrum, Large Tenant Mode has  the ability to easily enable up to 100k users per customer

No matter the size of the company, Large Tenant Mode makes it easy to enable users in bulk. Large Tenant Mode is part of Call2Teams as standard.

Dynamic Emergency Trunk (DET)

Ever since Nomadic E911 laws and Ray Baum’s Legislation were enacted, businesses of all sizes across the US have been scrambling to find a way to stay compliant whilst retaining efficiency. With these legal changes it became mandatory that information such as street address, building, floor, suite or room number be provided in a call involving the emergency services.

With Dynamic Emergency Trunk, you can rest easy knowing for a fact  you are E911 compliant.

DET is yet another great feature that is unique to Call2Teams. It is the only DET solution amongst our competitors with the ability to cater to both PBX and Trunks users. Our DET solution has been designed to be highly scalable. This means that, like all of our other key features, full compliance is delivered no matter the needs of the customer.

After all this, it is easy to see why Call2Teams is considered by many to be the best voice-enabler in the world. Whether you are looking for a solution that is agnostic and interoperable, robust or feature-rich, Call2Teams is the right choice. It’s not only the right choice for you, but also your end customers, who will surely benefit from everything Call2Teams has to offer.

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