The easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams

Time and again, the missing piece in the unified communications jigsaw is how to seamlessly connect

existing telephony infrastructure…

Time and again, the missing piece in the unified communications puzzle is how to seamlessly connect existing telephony infrastructure and services with Microsoft Teams.

Business of all sizes are looking for answers, wanting to understand: How do I leverage the functionality of their existing PBX? How do I bring my own carrier? How do I avoid the disruption of having to port numbers?

Call2Teams software-as-service empowers Voice, IT, and Telco Partners from around the world to simply, quickly, and cost-effectively voice-enable Microsoft Teams for their customers.

Call2Teams sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP trunk provider and Microsoft Teams. This middleware product, sold exclusively through channel partners, is cloud-native, multi-tenant, scales globally and can be deployed in minutes.

There is no need to port numbers, change carrier or throw away an existing phone system. With simple per-user, per-month pricing and no disruption to end-users, deciding to adopt Call2Teams is an easy decision to make.

Here are some more reasons why Call2Teams is a straight-forward choice for you and your customers:

Three reasons your customers will love Call2Teams

For the end user collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity, deliver agility and flexibility, whilst maintaining operability during these challenging times. By utilizing Call2Teams you can:

1 – Maintain business as usual –With Call2Teams there is no hardware installation and no need to adopt Teams as a PBX replacement. Meaning end users can still utilise feature-rich on premises PBX solutions whilst avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in. Call2Teams add on also supports existing SIPs Trunk services. In short, end users can maintain existing telephony and run it in tandem with Microsoft Teams, so maintaining business as usual.

2 – Simplify IT management by using Microsoft Teams – Delivered via the Azure Microsoft platform, Call2Teams is deployed by borrowing a licence from the end users’ existing Microsoft Office 365 account. By attributing admin rights to this license and robotically deploying the Call2Teams add-on, the end user is up and running in minutes. This is tried, tested and secure. And with Microsoft Teams, all users are under one collaborative platform, meaning fewer systems to manage and maintain.

3- Deliver clear cost efficiency – The customer pays per user per month. With no set up charge and scalable licensing Call2Teams provides a cost-effective solution. Call2Teams is cloud based, so there is no capital expenditure or cost overhead, so reducing hardware dependency.

Call2Teams is the leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service and native calling – with nearly all firms identified in Gartner’s UCaaS Magic Quadrant, as well as 250+ other distributors, resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using Call2Teams as their solution for Teams integration.

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