Reflecting on our win at the 2022 International SaaS Awards

Jeannie Arthur, CEO and Mark Herbert, Head of Partner Innovation at Dstny Automate, provide their thoughts on this win for Call2Teams.

Jeannie Arthur, CEO, Dstny Automate: “It’s very, very exciting. I think you know we worked very hard as a team, and actually it’s nice to really be recognized on not just a UK or US or European level but globally as being leaders in our field.”

Mark Herbert, Head of Partner Innovation, Dstny Automate: “It’s been a great journey. I think, in my career, I’ve never had this much fun and worked this hard, I’d say. But the team we’ve had to work with and some of the partners we’ve met, we’ve built great relationships, and the product I think, has evolved to something which we’re really proud of I think. You know, we’ve built a global SaaS platform, running across multiple continents in multiple currencies, delivering services to hundreds of thousands of users. And as a success story, I think we’ve achieved a lot here and the team should be proud, and I know they are really proud of what we’ve done. We’ve got a company which people really enjoy working for, and I think we have some really good partner relationships as well.

Jeannie Arthur, CEO, Dstny Automate: “We are really excited about the future. I think Call2Teams has been an incredible starting point for the company. It does what it says on the tin, it voice enables Microsoft teams with existing telephony. As Microsoft continues to evolve their products, as the market continues to evolve more broadly than we see ourselves continuing to be at the heart of enabling and automating the ecosystem. So that in the initial instance means Operator Connect, but we have lots of other ideas and thoughts in the pipeline as well. So super excited about the future, as well as where we are today.”