Qunifi has joined the Dstny Group

We are proud and excited to announce that Qunifi is now part of the Dstny Group.

Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based Business Communications. Joining the Dstny Group will enhance business opportunities, drive new product development, and accelerate growth for service provider customers, partners and both the Dstny and Qunifi teams.

“We are always looking for talented companies that fit with our strategy and company culture and which we can help grow faster at the same time. This acquisition of Qunifi is a perfect example of that.”
 – Daan De Wever CEO of the Dstny Group


What does this mean for Qunifi partners?

This is an exciting new chapter in the growth of our company. With Dstny by our side, we now have additional support to innovate and advance whilst staying true to delivering a great partner experience.

  • Being part of the Dstny Group opens up additional group resources which will allow us to focus on innovation and growth – we expect to accelerate delivery to our partners.
  • Being part of the Dstny Group gives us access to a significant library of intellectual property that we will use to enhance Call2Teams, Carrier Automate and other future propositions.

Qunifi’s Call2Teams and Carrier Automate products will remain unchanged and the business will operate independently, so from a practical perspective, nothing will change to how we work with our partners.

“We will be in a great position to continue to support and grow the relationships with our existing partners, accelerate product development and innovation, and remain at the cutting edge of digitalized business integrations.”
– Jeannie Arthur, CEO of Qunifi