Nomadic E911 for Microsoft Teams

Call2Teams launches Dynamic Emergency Trunk (DET), a compliant, agile and simple Nomadic E911 DRaaS option for Microsoft Teams.

At Call2Teams we know how critical it is for our US based partners to comply with Ray Baum’s legislation, and the importance of their enterprise customers requirements that the dispatchable location is readily available in the event of a 911 emergency – regardless of location, be it on a large campus or a multi-story office building.

Activating Dynamic Emergency Trunk is simple. Speak to your Account Manager or contact us to find out how we can support you with Microsoft Teams Nomadic E911.

What is DET?

DET is a purchasable feature as part of the Call2Teams solution, it enables dynamic location information to be passed to your E911 trunk provider, via Emergency Routing Service (ERS).

How DET works

Most PBX’s can’t digest the PIDF-LO messaging within the SIP INVITE and so usually respond with a 405 Method Not Allowed causing the Emergency Calls to drop.

DET is a feature add on to the Call2Teams PBX product which allows Call2Teams to route calls, which contain an Emergency Header and/or PIDF-LO, from Microsoft Teams to your chosen emergency routing provider.

Call2Teams has proven interoperability major Emergency Trunk providers, such as; Bandwidth and Intrado. If you have Emergency Trunks with other providers, we are able to quickly establish interoperability, reducing lead time to getting DET deployed.

Enabling DET for your customers

Activating DET is straight forward. We provide a service with this feature, giving you as much as a helping hand as possible1:

  • Contact your Call2Teams Account Manager to arrange a call to discuss your needs
  • After which you will have a call booked with one of our Technical Account Managers
  • You will have 4 sessions at your disposal to go through the Call2Teams setup for DET

It’s important to note that active participants on the sessions with our Technical Account Manager must have global admin rights to Call2Teams portal, working knowledge of Microsoft Teams admin center and Emergency Trunk Provider provisioning.

Prior to the sessions with our Technical Account Managers, a pre-requisite is that an account with your chosen Emergency Service Provider must be set up and provisioned and credentials readily available within the call.

As part of the DET service, Qunifi offers dedicated sessions with our Technical Account Managers to help ensure the correct provisioning of DET. Qunifi will not be held responsible for incomplete / incorrect provisioning of services beyond that described as part of our service. This includes but is not limited to; Emergency Trunk set up with your chosen Trunk provider and set up in Microsoft Teams to enable Emergency calling and location set up. For up-to-date information, please refer to the respective providers documents and knowledge base articles.

Your Account Manager will support you with the timings for activation.