Call2Teams increases user capacity and functionality to support large enterprise customers

Call2Teams gives Voice, Telco, and IT partners a leading go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Teams. By providing cloud-native, Direct Routing-as-a-Service. Call2Teams sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP Trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. Giving businesses a low-cost, flexible, and immediate solution for making and receiving calls in Microsoft Teams.

Call2Teams is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution developed and maintained by Qunifi and sold exclusively through the channel. With per-user, per-month pricing, Call2Teams is designed to scale. And now the service has got even better. With greater capacity and functionality to meet the demands of large enterprise end-user customers.

Call2Teams can now voice-enable up to 100k users per customer

The development of the Large Tenant Mode means that Call2Teams can now service large enterprises effortlessly. With an impressive 100k users supported per customer.

To deliver the new Large Tenant Mode feature the team at Qunifi has developed full integration with the customer’s enterprise Active Directory; providing rapid configuration of Teams voice across thousands of users. Support has also been enabled for group-based licensing, further streamlining the process when enabling large numbers of voice users.

And importantly the Call2Teams portal and management API has been optimized to accommodate large user number scenarios, as well as for automated deployment into partner PBX platforms.

Call2Teams is a truly scalable solution

With the development of Large Tenant Mode, Call2Teams is suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Delivered as a UCaaS solution, with no minimum user quantity. No software or hardware is needed. With no set-up charge and scalable licensing Call2Teams provides an adaptable, cost-effective solution. Meaning the service can be deployed on a user-by-user basis and scaled to meet the needs and demands of businesses of all sizes, across the globe.

Call2Teams is the leader in Microsoft Teams direct-routing-as-a-service and native calling. Sold exclusively through channel partners, Call2Teams is available globally and can be deployed in minutes.

Large Tenant Mode is just one of the several recent improvements deployed by the team at Qunifi, who are focused on making sure Call2Teams remains best-in-class.

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