Netinteract partners to offer the Call2Teams interface for VoIP PBXs and SIP trunks in Germany

Netinteract becomes a partner of Qunifi and will offer the Call2Teams interface for their in-house solution bluePBX, as well as for all common VoIP PBXs and SIP trunks. The integration of both products is the easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft Teams.

As Qunifi’s German distributor, Netinteract enables classic telephony within Microsoft Teams with Call2Teams – while allowing the continued use of the existing telephony solution. Netinteract takes a flexible and professional approach in delivering traditional and Internet communications solutions, including their cloud PBX bluePBX and SIP trunk solution blueSIP.

Through their partnership with Qunifi and the Call2Teams UCaaS solution, Netinteract can now bring voice services from their in-house products, as well as voice services from all major PBX vendors such as Starface, Asterisk, Avaya or 3CX, into the Microsoft Teams workspace.

“It is exciting to be working with bluePBX. This new partnership will see the distribution of Call2Teams in Germany. We are pleased to welcome bluePBX on board, to strengthen our presence in the region.” Mark Herbert, Founder & President, Qunifi.

By bringing bluePBX and Call2Teams together, Netinteract provides a high-quality, reliable and cost-effective voice-enabling solution for Microsoft Teams.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to distribute Call2Teams in Germany. It fits perfectly with our ambition to provide professional and reliable services that support both traditional and internet communication channels. With Call2Teams we are able to connect cloud PBXs, like our bluePBX solution or other popular VoIP PBXs with Microsoft Teams quickly and efficiently.” Fritz Welter, Managing Director of Netinteract GmbH.

Call2Teams sits between the bluePBX phone system and Microsoft Teams, which means that Call2Teams merely complements the existing infrastructure and customers can continue using their existing phone system. Using their current phone number or extension, end users can make or receive calls via the Teams App, on their computers, desk phones or mobile devices. Mobile redirection costs are eliminated and call control settings are preserved.

The Call2Teams cloud service connects customers’ bluePBX phone services to the Microsoft Teams environment. This allows organizations to take a hybrid approach and benefit from Microsoft Teams while enjoying the advantages of the virtual phone architecture.

Call2Teams can be set up for users of virtual PBXs or SIP trunks within hours and the interface is ready to use. All information about the product can be found at
a no-obligation consultation appointment can be scheduled online at