Call2Teams adds local survivability to its cloud-based options for voice-enabling Teams

Call2Teams, developed and maintained by Qunifi, is the leading cloud solution for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony. Call2Teams is making it easier for enterprises to decide to migrate to a cloud-based Microsoft Phone System by offering local survivability options.

A Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA), deployed at a customer’s site, provides Call2Teams’ enterprise customers with a local backup element in the unlikely event of a network link or Microsoft 365 outage. During an outage, the SBA enables Call2Teams customers to continue to make and receive phone calls.

Enhancing resiliency with Ribbon’s family of SBAs

Qunifi has partnered with a market leader in SBAs, Ribbon, to provide an on-site SBA element to their cloud solution. Ribbon delivers the Microsoft Teams Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) services in concert with its Ribbon SBC appliances. The two companies’ engineering experts worked closely to assure that Call2Teams’ global services are fully tested and interoperable with Ribbon SBAs. Organizations with critical phone traffic such as medical offices, hospitals, government ministries, etc., can be assured that they can make and receive phone calls if they experience a data network outage or if Microsoft 365 is unavailable.

“We’re delighted to be adding another capability to our growing suite of enterprise-class services,” said Mark Herbert, co-founder, and President of Call2Teams. “Ribbon’s SBA, along with our recently announced Large Tenant Mode support and call center capability makes Call2Teams’ pure-cloud approach to voice-enabling Microsoft teams even more compelling for large enterprises. This addition is particularly suitable for enterprises that are in places where telecommunications services are less reliable”
“Across the world, the scale and scope of Teams deployments that include Microsoft Phone System continues to grow and drive the need for the local resiliency our SBA enables,” said Patrick Joggerst, CMO & EVP Business Development, Ribbon. “We’re excited to support the Call2Teams ecosystem, giving their partners a new local survivability offering that opens new vertical markets and larger deployment opportunities.”


Giving additional confidence to enterprise customers

Microsoft recognizes that the mission-critical nature of some organizations inherently requires them to deploy multiple layers of resiliency for their communications services. Microsoft worked with a select group of industry leaders, like Ribbon, to deliver the SBA software in locally deployable hardware and software platforms to meet that need.

“Our partners increasingly engage with large enterprise customers that see the value of moving to Teams. Call2Teams provides a resilient and cost-effective way to migrate to Teams, whilst still retaining the PBX, eliminating disruption to existing business processes. Our mission is to add innovative services that help our partners add value to their Teams offers, enabling them to use Call2Teams to differentiate their services and help them capture new business. Enabling local survivability via SBA is one of many such features we’re delivering this year that assure our partners profit from our innovation.” Herbert said.


Call2Teams operates a worldwide network, providing wholesale and co-branded services to over 250 partners who deliver PSTN and PBX voice services for Microsoft Teams. With simple per-user, per-month pricing, Call2Teams is designed to enable partners to scale their Teams calling-related services. Continual capacity and functionality enhancements to the Call2Teams platform make it even better suited to meet the demands of large enterprise customers.