Voice-enabling Microsoft Teams to complete the remote working set-up

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Teams is invaluable for remote working. Yet businesses are asking how best to connect existing telephony with Microsoft Teams.

The rise in remote working has accelerated the take-up of Microsoft Teams. With the pandemic, businesses of all sizes adapted quickly, and Teams was the natural go-to. With Microsoft owning nearly four-fifths of the business desktop market, and with Teams offered as part of the Office 365 suite, it was a tool many already had.

Teams facilitates collaboration and provides visibility of real-time presence, invaluable for remote working. Yet, one of the areas where Microsoft Teams falls short is in calling and PBX connections.

To complete the working from home (WFH) set-up, businesses commonly ask their Voice Telco and IT service providers how best to connect existing telephony with Microsoft Teams. Businesses often need to leverage the feature-rich functionality of their existing PBX. They do not want to rip and replace. They also want to avoid the disruption of having to port numbers.

Voice, Telecom, and IT service providers need solutions that quickly and easily meet the remote-working demands of their customers. Delivering continuity of service in these challenging times is key. Now is not the time to implement complex, time-consuming projects.

Completing the remote working set-up with Call2Teams

Call2Teams, sold exclusively through channel partners, allows organizations of all sizes to seamlessly integrate existing telephony with Microsoft Teams on a monthly subscription basis.

Call2Teams sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. Sold through channel partners, Call2Teams connects on-premises customer calling solutions to the Microsoft Teams environment. Solving the problem for customers who do not want to move into a full-stack Microsoft experience.

“Microsoft Teams is becoming the go-to solution for collaboration these days. However, the PBX offerings just haven’t been enough for today’s companies up to now. People who don’t want to take a rip and replace approach to their communication strategy needed a different solution, and that’s what we’re offering.” Mark Herbert, President & Founder, Qunifi – Call2Teams

With Call2Teams, service providers can reassure businesses that it is not a choice between cloud-based telephony or feature-rich PBX. That it is possible to provide the best of both, a hybrid solution that delivers what businesses, their workers, and their customers need.

Call2Teams set-up is simple and quick.

Delivered via the Microsoft Azure platform, Call2Teams is tried, tested and secure. And with Microsoft Teams, all users are under one collaborative platform, meaning fewer systems to manage and maintain. Setup is simple and quick. Call2Teams is deployed by borrowing a license from the end-users’ existing Microsoft Office 365 account. By attributing admin rights to this license and robotically deploying the Call2Teams add-on, the end-user is up and running in minutes

For the end-user collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity, deliver agility and flexibility. The ability to access the work phone system through the unified Teams client is invaluable.

For channel partners, Call2Teams offers an out-of-the-box, go-to-market solution. It provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution for voice-enabling Teams; a valuable solution that can help retain and grow customer base.

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