How UCaaS providers are riding high on the Microsoft Teams wave

– Written by Mark Herbert

Microsoft Teams is now the second-largest Unified Communications as a service (UcaaS) platform in the world. Raising the question: How can traditional providers position their solutions to work with rather than against, the heavy force and momentum of Microsoft, and their move into UCaaS and voice markets with their leading Teams product?

Working with, rather than against Microsoft Teams

Embracing a ‘with Teams’ strategy presents new and exciting opportunities for UCaaS providers, particularly with larger enterprise customers, where Microsoft Teams deployment is happening at an exponential pace.

These large enterprises are enthusiastic about Microsoft Teams. They understand the benefits of a single application to manage the work environment for their staff and external communication capability. Huge benefits such as reduced IT admin, increased security, and high levels of user satisfaction.

Yet, for an enterprise to move to a Microsoft Teams-only approach for voice and telephony, it is not a trivial project.

Typically, these enterprises have a legacy of vast estates of existing PBX, Call Centre, and CTI integration, much of which is built into their business processes. Reliance upon some high-functioning aspects of these systems means they are often likely to remain, waiting whilst Microsoft build-out capability within the Teams service to match.

So what is the answer?

Teams enabling your UCaaS – delivering the best-of-both

Before the pandemic, telecoms businesses had a relatively low growth profile but were extremely resilient. Now, with the rise of Teams, voice and UCaaS providers need to consider how they participate. And Teams is a powerful UCaaS solution to have in your portfolio.

The Microsoft Teams demand - statistics

When UCaaS providers ‘Teams enable’ their service, customers can take advantage of the end-user experience, benefiting from reduced desktop admin, whilst retaining the core capabilities of the UCaaS platform that’s embedded in their business today.

This approach provides customers with a best-of-both-worlds message: deliver Teams capability where needed and a traditional phone experience elsewhere, whilst maintaining the power of the UCaaS platform. And this can be delivered in a non-disruptive way, with no rip-and-replace requirement.

Call2Teams is the answer to seamlessly integrate existing telephony with Microsoft Teams. Service providers can reassure enterprises that it is not a choice between cloud-based Microsoft telephony or feature-rich PBX. That it is possible to provide the best of both, a hybrid solution that delivers what businesses, their workers, and their customers need.

This shift in mindset and customer focus opens discussions about an enterprises’ Teams strategy.

Engaging in the Microsoft Teams strategy

For the UCaaS provider, they can provide an attractive message of how a ‘with-Teams’ approach can complete the picture. How they can support Microsoft Teams users without disruption or loss of functionality and with almost instant deployment. Taking this ‘with-Teams’ approach has seen UCaaS providers winning large enterprise customers of the class that would have been difficult to reach previously, and with much shorter sales-cycles.

A good technical Microsoft Teams integration is a winning differentiator. Securing the position as the Teams voice provider is key when looking to retain enterprise customers.

Making the most of UCaaS growth

The future is interesting for the UCaaS sector and there will be some disruptive forces at play. Out of this disruption with come opportunity and a drive for innovation. The solution providers that give customers the richest experience without compromise are likely to prevail. There will also be further technology convergence, more than just IT and Voice services that will move the battleground.

UCaaS providers that fix the ‘with-Teams’ challenge today can buy time to build and maintain clear differentiation as the market evolves.

The Call2Teams mission is to deliver the most advanced technical integration capability between Microsoft Teams and existing UCaaS platforms.

Having this integration capability is giving leading UCaaS providers opportunity to access new customer opportunities and is driving market innovation.

Future developments of the Call2Teams service are aimed at equipping UCaaS providers with a roadmap of differentiating features to allow them to compete in a market that is going through a generational change.

Partner with us to start your ‘with-Teams’ strategy today