Create your own Microsoft Teams calling plans with Trunk2Teams

Launching soon Trunk2Teams will allow you to point your regular SIP trunks at Trunk2Teams and we'll connect them into Microsoft Teams in minutes.

Trunk2Teams will connect existing phone lines, numbers and call bundles to a Customer’s Microsoft Teams users without any disruption.


This means Customers will have the ability to stay with their current provider as they move from a traditional phone service or PBX, to using Microsoft Teams’ built-in Phone System capability.

Trunk2Teams will be ideal for phone service providers who want to offer a new service to customers who are  using Microsoft Teams, opening up a new market opportunity and leveraging their current PSTN expertise.

8 reasons to use Trunk2Teams for Direct Routing

  1. Customers keep their current numbers and minutes plan, no porting required

  2. Call bundles and pools are shared between all Teams users avoiding costly per-user plans.

  3. Available globally for any phone service provider to deliver services to Microsoft Teams customers

  4. No trunk or concurrent channel restrictions so you'll never get a busy tone.

  5. It takes 10 minutes to set up, there's no setup charges, and just a simple per-user monthly charge

  6. No hardware, software or servers to deploy for customer or phone service provider

  7. Trunk2Teams uses Microsoft Teams certified infrastructure without needing capital expenditure and installation

  8. Enterprise-grade security from high-availability Azure data centres   

Customer setup takes around 10 minutes

Trunk2Teams’ revolutionary set-up process has automated several days planning, configuration and deployment into a single button click. It takes a few seconds to deploy and entire infrastructure for a customer and configure their Office 365 service ready for use. Unlike alternative ways of setting up Direct Routing, no specialist networking or Office 365 skills are required.

A choice of services to suit even the smallest customer

The Trunk2Teams simple set-up, combined with powerful multi-tenant Trunk2Teams gateway running in Microsoft Azure, means Customers that couldn’t previously justify the expense of a moving their service to Teams PBX system can have it up and running in minutes, for just a few dollars per month.

Call2Teams and Trunk2Teams together help customers have a smooth journey to Teams adoption as their needs, and the capability of Teams evolves.

Direct Routing is available

globally with Trunk2Teams

Trunk2Teams Direct Routing is available globally and not restricted by the availability to use Microsoft's calling plans, as it uses the customer’s existing lines and phone company, whatever and wherever they are.

Trunk2Teams Direct Routing is also available to purchase from our network of global partners

Setup and configured without specialist skills

Trunk2Teams is very quick and easy to setup and configure. Simply connect your Office 365 account then add each user using a drop-down menu. Watch the demo video to see how easy it is.

Download Datasheet

wall poster small.PNG.png

Download the Office 365 Telephony Solutions Datasheet

to see the full comparison of direct routing options.

Trunk2Teams is a true cloud service

No other Teams Direct Routing offer can provide free-trials or scale-down cost effectively to a one-user workgroup.


Because of Trunk2Teams unique implementation to Direct Routing using the flexibility of Microsoft Azure, it’s easy to trial a small group of users to provide the full Teams experience without financial, technical or time investment.

Want to try it out in your own test environment? Simply sign up for an Office 365 E5 free trial,  get the Trunk2Teams trial on AppSource and give it a spin.

Call2Teams enabled us to deliver a great calling experience to our Office 365 Teams users without compromising on our current call management tools.

And it was set-up in record time.


Tarryn Magistrelli. Finance & Operations Manager, Futerra Sustainability Communications

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