The rise of Teams and how it has impacted voice services

– Written by Helen Johnstone

Voice enabling Teams – the quiet revolution that needs shouting about

Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history. Voice providers are under pressure to Teams enable their service. To deliver change, without disruption. To provide enterprise-grade calling solutions within the Teams environment.

Businesses are seeking the best of both from Voice and Collaboration tools, such as Teams. They are seeking a hybrid solution that delivers what they, their workers, and their customers need. This is prompting a revolution, that is bridging the divide between IT and Voice and bringing solutions that easily and quickly enable calling within Teams. Solutions such as Call2Teams, a middleware, UCaaS solution maintained and delivered by the experts at Qunifi.

Mark Herbert, President & Founder of Qunifi, spoke with Doug Green, publisher of TR publications. To discuss the rise of Teams and how this has impacted voice services.

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“We are seeing an unfolding strategy by Microsoft to become a voice-provider and so take on ownership of the entire desktop. From an IT perspective, it eases management – with phone, messaging and file sharing all managed through one platform. Yet this has caught some Voice providers off-guard, with rising demand from customers to integrate their telephone systems into Teams.” Explains Mark Herbert, President & Founder, Qunifi

Some though would be surprised to learn that they don’t need to change what they have.

With the Call2Teams solution, it is possible to quickly and simply integrate the existing phone set-up. Call2Teams sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP trunk provider and Microsoft Teams. Meaning it is possible to provide the best of both, Teams and Voice services.

Call2Teams gives Voice, Telco, and IT partners an enterprise-grade, go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Teams. And it gives businesses a low-cost, flexible, and immediate solution for making and receiving calls in Microsoft Teams. A simple UCaaS solution, that bridges the divide between existing Voice services and Teams. Simple, yet revolutionary.

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