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What Office 365 licencing do I need for Call2Teams™?

To enable calling for Microsoft Teams users will need the Microsoft Phone System licence add-on. This add-on licence enables the dial-pad to appear in the Microsoft Teams client on all devices that you use for Teams. The Microsoft Phone System licence add-on is included in the E5 licence type and is also available as an addition to other licence types.

Can I use Call2Teams™ with Skype for Business users?

Yes, the Call2Teams™ service also supports Skype for Business users. You can have Skype for Business users and Microsoft Teams users in the same organisation if you choose. This makes Call2Teams™ an ideal tool during the migration phase from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Do I need to install any software to user’s PCs or devices?

No. Call2Teams™ routes calls directly into Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud delivers the calls to your native Teams client, irrespective of the device you are using it on.

Will Call2Teams™ work with my existing PBX?

Call2Teams™ works with virtually any PBX that supports a SIP phone. If you are unsure whether your PBX supports SIP VOIP phones, please review the manufacturer documentation or contact your equipment supplier. Providing the PBX supports a regular SIP phone like a Polycom or Yealink phone, Call2Teams™ should work. You can use both On-Premise (you have a physical box that’s your phone system) and Cloud PBX systems with Call2Teams™. A Cloud PBX is a service you pay for typically monthly and you just have desk phones provided by your supplier.

What facilities do I need from my DNS Provider?

To use Call2Teams™ you need to add a couple of CNAME records to your domain. You will have already made changes to use Office 365 so you will already know how to make the changes required. All competent domain name registrars allow you to add the required records. No changes to any existing DNS records are needed.

What happens to my Voicemail when I use Call2Teams™?

Normally we recommend using the voicemail provided by your PBX. This is because the Microsoft Teams voicemail may answer calls to your users that are part of a group distribution and can defeat the overflow settings you have configured on your PBX hunt groups. Microsoft provide instructions for making this change to groups of users. For an individual user they can go to and turn off their voicemail.

Can I use Call2Teams™ without Microsoft Phone System add-on?

Currently all Microsoft Teams users that want to use Call2Teams™ will require the Phone System add-on licence from Office 365. For Skype for Business users, we provide an add-on for Windows PC users to be able to make and receive calls via your PBX without the Microsoft Phone System add-on.

In which countries can I use Call2Teams™?

Call2Teams™ is available in all countries and is compatible with any Office 365 Language. The service portal is currently administered in English only.
Call2Teams™ uses gateways in several continents to route calls from your PBX to Office 365, more of these are being deployed as customers require geographic coverage.

Do I need to change anything with my phone numbers?

No, you do not need to change anything. Your phone numbers, call costs and phone bill stays just as it is today since all the calls are going through your current PBX. Just add Microsoft Teams users to the system you already have.

What is the minimum number of users that a customer needs to have to use
the service?

The benefit of Call2Teams™ is that it’s a true multitenant cloud service. This means the platform cost is shared and no dedicated equipment is required per-customer. The benefit of this is that a one-user organisation can use the service at a similar per-user cost to a 200-user organisation.

Can I keep my existing phones and their features?

Yes, you’ll be using your current PBX will all the features, phones and devices you have attached today. This means a user can keep their desk phone and have Microsoft Teams on their computer, calls will ring on both and they can decide which to answer on.

Does Call2Teams™ work on mobiles?

Yes, Call2Teams™ works on all mobiles that will run the Microsoft Teams mobile App. This is currently available on:
- Apple iPhones and iPads
- Android smartphones and tablets
- Windows tablets In addition to this, if your PBX is delivering mobile twinning by routing calls to your phones then this feature keeps operating even when you are using Call2Teams™.

Does Call2Teams™ work on Macs?

Yes, Call2Teams™ works on Macs in the same way as all other devices.

How much does Call2Teams™ cost?

You pay on a per-user per-month basis, so you only need to pay for the amount of active Call2Teams™ users you have.

Can I try Call2Teams™?

Yes, you can sign up for a fully functional trial version of Call2Teams™ for up to 25 users for 30 days. During your trial, the service will operate normally, and all features will be available.

How is the service licensed?

Licensing is based on the number of licences you have purchased on your subscription. Licences can be freely assigned to users and re-used if you change users. You pay on a monthly basis for licensing.

Do I get technical support?

Yes, you have access to full technical support even when you are in trial.

What training do I need to deploy Call2Teams™?

The Call2Teams™ documentation is comprehensive and provides a step by step walkthrough of the process to set up a connection between your PBX and the users in Office 365 Teams. Your Office 365 system administrator with basic PowerShell familiarity will be able to configure and manage the Call2Teams™ service.

What training do users need to use Call2Teams™?

The user’s experience is just as Microsoft has set out for calling in Teams. No special documentation or training is required for users to use the service.

Can’t I just add calling to Microsoft Teams myself?

IT administrators have options to purchase expensive Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to route calls into Microsoft Teams. This option is costly, disruptive and very often doesn’t deliver the full functionality of the company PBX to the Teams users.


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