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SIP Trunk providers can now be Microsoft Teams enabled in less than a day with Call2Teams™

A unique new cloud service enables SIP Trunk integration into Microsoft Office 365 and Teams in minutes without needing any specialist skills or training.

Call2Teams™, the global cloud platform for creating a bridge between Microsoft Teams and existing phone services, has launched a unique offer to address the need for SIP Trunk providers to have a Microsoft Teams compatible SIP trunk offering.

The service has been specially created for SIP Trunk providers who want to avoid the costly investment into skills and equipment needed to deploy and support Microsoft’s mandated Direct Routing infrastructure, and the specialist consultancy needed to configure and support the customer’s Office 365 network.

The creators of Call2Teams™, have removed all the hardware, software and skills needed to interface any standard SIP Trunk into Microsoft Teams. This ground-breaking advance allows SIP Trunk providers to have an offer for customers moving to Microsoft Teams internal Phone System capability by simply combining their standard SIP trunk offer with Call2Teams.

Microsoft’s Teams collaboration and document management suite is making headlines as the fastest growing business application in the company’s history, and with 275% growth forecast in 2020, it’s set to smash through the 50 Million user threshold. Microsoft are now starting to promote the Phone System capabilities of Microsoft Teams, which are adequate for many SMB and mid-size customers and will be a disruptive force in the PBX and phone services industry.

Mark Herbert, CEO at Call2Teams™ said:

"SIP trunk providers may find they’re in direct competition with Microsoft who have their own call bundles and numbers for Teams users, so having a Teams-ready offer will allow them to compete effectively and attract new and retain existing customers during this period of opportunity."

A Call2Teams™ fast-track onboarding process has been set up to get SIP Trunk providers ready to sell in under a day. It includes a self-certification program, partner-ready marketing materials and direct access to the Call2Teams provisioning and support portal.

SIP Trunks providers can book a call to find out more and get self-certified at:

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