Phone App
a powerful, native dialpad

and so much more

Native to Teams

Every click, action and call takes place within Teams. Phone App is not a
cross-launch application, so no need to install anything extra to get
going. Simply click the three dots on your Teams side bar, search ‘Phone
App’, pin it and you’re ready to go.
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Powerful functionality

Phone App helps you do every day calling, simply; filter your call history
in a variety of ways, dial straight from your contacts list, make and
transfer calls externally to PSTN and manage multiple active calls, plus
much more.
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Cost effective

Teams Phone is a powerful tool, but can be costly. From small to medium
businesses to large scale enterprises, Phone App can help save on
Microsoft Licensing as well as reducing IT admin, with ~80% costs
savings vs. Teams Phone license.
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Intuitive UI

Everything you need in one pane of glass, no need to click different tabs
to access contacts and dial pad. The simple and easy to navigate UI
enables you to quickly carry out everyday calling tasks effectively and
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Comparatively lower cost vs alternatives

Improved total cost of ownership

  • Voice-enables Teams without additional Microsoft licensing requirements.
  • Compliments your Call2Teams PBX license
  • Is self-service in the Call2Teams portal
  • Comes with effortless installation, no operational disruption
  • Delivers simpler licensing management

For businesses of any size

Bring native Teams calling to all staff

  • Mix and match. Blend Teams Phone and Phone App across your user base
  • Effortless installation, Compliments your Call2Teams PBX license
  • Comparatively lower cost vs alternatives

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For partners with a Teams first strategy

Bring native Teams calling to all customers

  • Bring voice options to the growing Teams user base
  • Develop your ‘with Teams’ strategy, join the UCaaS conversation
  • Capture larger deals, new geographies, and sectors

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