Keeping voice – making yourself heard with your customer 

– Written by Helen Johnstone

From analogue to digital to unified cloud communications – telephone calls and the delivery of voice services has seen many changes. Yet, despite the rise of instant messaging, video and presence sharing, the need for voice services is still strong. With companies of all sizes driving demand for voice services within the native Teams environment.

The sudden and unexpected shift to remote working during 2020 presented some interesting challenges around staff management, engagement and productivity. Yet the shift to remote working also presented another challenge, how to effectively stay in touch with customers.

Research, from Salesforce, shows 92% of customer interactions occur by phone. Yet many businesses found that they were hard-pressed to easily transition their calling. With some having to manage customer queries via email only, whilst they scrambled to find a workable solution to get their contact center back online with their home-based workforce.

The convergence of IT and Telecommunications

Businesses of all sizes understand the benefits of collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams. Yet incorporating existing telephony can be an obstacle, with call center and customer-facing voice environments requiring high functioning telephony that is often embedded within the business process. The option to discard the existing set-up and move all calling functions to Microsoft Teams is just not feasible.

The benefits of collaborative tools are well documented, with improved efficiency and productivity. Yet with the transition for managing customer interactions, there are additional considerations. Not least customer satisfaction scores. The recent Global Customer Engagement Report shows that the number 1 frustration, with sixty-six percent of UK consumers, was when they “have to repeat themselves to different people.”

Within the call center set-up, it is also important to maintain performance, with monitoring, to help ensure the phone gets answers in time and that agent’s time is optimized. Quality assurance and contact center compliance are a requirement that can not be done away with. Yet no longer is it feasible to keep data and IT siloed from telecommunications.

Taking advantage of Teams for contact center

Through collaborative tools such as Teams, agents can be more focused and productive, and increase the number of resolutions they can achieve each day. And by using the Call2Teams UCaaS solution there is no need to rip and replace existing telephony. You can deliver a direct routing solution that allows agents to interact with customers from any Teams endpoint.

Call2Teams makes it easier to integrate contact center requirements, with several features that enhance the voice service for Teams users. For example, the Teams True Transfer feature ensures that busy/free status is shown correctly in the PBX if a call is transferred between users in Microsoft Teams. Providing correct off-hook busy representation of both users after a transfer. This standard feature is a must-have for multi-agent and call center environments.

With Call2Teams you can utilize Teams to simplify customer engagement and boost collaboration across departments. As well as take advantage of other integrations offered with the Microsoft suite. Importantly it is possible to retain existing enterprise-grade telephony. Allowing workers to make and receive PSTN calls using the Teams app, wherever they may be working from.

For agents that need a do-not-disturb option, allowing time for writing up call notes, with the Call2Teams add-on, they can over-write their Teams presence from ‘Available’ to ‘Busy’, whilst also having this reflected in the PBX.

By overlaying Call2Teams our Voice, IT, and Telco partners find they can open the door to Teams for users who previously may not have found it suitable. Call2Teams allows customers to retain negotiated calling plans and minutes. It also means feature-rich telephony, which may not be supported in Teams, can be retained.

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