Call2Teams announces Teams True Transfer for multi-agent and call center environments

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Achieve correct call representation in both Teams and PBX - For multi-agent and call center environments

Call2Teams is the leading go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams. And the team at Qunifi are focused on making sure it remains so, as they continue to evolve the product with several enterprise-grade updates. With recent feature improvements resulting in a better experience for multi-agent and call center environments.

Achieve correct call representation in both Teams and PBX

For multi-agent and call center environments, the option to discard the existing set-up and move all calling functions to Microsoft Teams is just not feasible. Not least because the high functioning requirements, that have been carefully planned and managed, will be lost.

Recent feature updates in Call2Teams mean that the UCaaS middleware solution now provides a tighter integration with the PBX. With Call2Teams providing signaling information from Teams back into the PBX, using the unique Teams True Transfer feature.

This pioneering feature ensures that busy/free status is shown correctly in the PBX if a call is transferred between users in Microsoft Teams. Providing correct off-hook busy representation of both users after a transfer; something that is incredibly useful in multi-agent and call center environments. As explained by end-user customer, Vistair.

As a world class aviation software company, it is important that we maintain high customer standards. By adopting Call2Teams, we quickly voice-enabled Teams. We supported our staff with true call representation across Teams and the phone service, important within a multi—agent setting. Call2Teams allowed us to benefit from the advantages of Microsoft Teams whilst still maintaining enterprise-grade telephony, so maintaining great customer service during these challenging times.” Craig Denton, Director of Infrastructure Services, Vistair

With Call2Teams businesses can integrate Teams without disruption to the feature-rich call center set-up. Features and benefits of Teams True Transfer:

  • Provide correct off-hook busy representation of both users after a transfer.

  • Providing real-time true representation in both the PBX and Teams – users are free to take the next call following transfer.

  • Both the user’s regular desk phone and Teams client will ring and be active following a Teams-to-Teams transfer

  • Enhance the attended transfer experience for users, especially where transferring to a call queue agent.

  • Ensures compliance, integration, reporting, and recording are applied to the correct agent.

“Call2Teams gives a much tighter integration. It makes sure that the call is correctly represented in both Teams and the PBX, allowing compliance, call management, and user agent management to work properly.” Mark Herbert, Founder & President, Qunifi – Call2Teams

Call2Teams set-up is simple. Delivered via the Microsoft Azure platform, Call2Teams™ is tried, tested and secure. Sold exclusively through channel partners, Call2Teams is available globally and can be deployed in minutes.

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